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Styles of Cheese: Fresh

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Fresh Cheeses

fresh cheese

Fresh cheeses retain fresh milk flavors, which is their key characteristic.

Key Flavor and Aroma Characteristics

Fresh Milk

The category of fresh cheeses includes:

Fresh cheeses (Not aged or ripened):
Bakers Cheese
Chèvre (Fresh Goat Cheese)
Cottage Cheese
Farmer Cheese
Feta (some)
Fromage Blanc
Panela (Mexican cheese)
Pot Cheese
Queso Fresco (Mexican cheese)
Queso Blanco Fresco (also called Queso Para Freir)
Requeson (Mexican cheese similar to ricotta)

What to look for when buying:

Because fresh cheeses have such a short shelf life to begin with, they are quite easy to select. Ricotta, fromage blanc, and fresh goat cheese should all smell fresh with no sour notes. Ideally, mozzarella that is packaged in water or whey should be purchased within a couple of days of when it was made. If you are buying mozzarella at the grocery store, look for those in the specialty cheese section that are made from whole milk, are packaged in liquid rather than Cryovac'd, and if possible, made fairly close to where you live. Or, simply ask the store or your cheesemonger for their freshest mozzarella...