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Mac & Cheese, Please!

50 super cheesy recipes

It's new and it's cheesy. It's mac & cheese, please!, and it's an ode to America's favorite comfort food right alongside grilled cheese. This is why one of the recipes in this book is called Mac & Cheese Meets Grilled Cheese (The Ultimate Comfort Food). Make the mac & cheese, make a grilled cheese and voila! You've got something that's a whole lot better than a spoon to scoop up the creamy mac & cheese. Want unconventional? Indian-Spiced Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach Mac & Cheese might do the trick. Sounds strange, but it's beyond delicious. Lots and lots of cheese, plenty of proteins, spice, vegetables, herbs - you name it. Melty, cheesy deliciousness 50 different ways. Take a dive into melted cheese land.